Our CD recording of the finest classical art songs featuring the most intimate way of communicating: the monologue.
Through a collection of songs and song cycles we try to explore the big questions of life that everyone has to solve with themselves. This happens in a way that swings from deadly serious to humorous or zen-minded. Through the music of Schubert and Reutter, Ravel and Ibert and Barber and Ives, we connect to famous poets such as Goethe, Hölderlin and Robert Browning. But also less famous such as Georg Philip Schmidt, whom we had never heard of but who wrote the famous line “Dort wo du nicht bist, dort ist das Glück! – There, where you are not, is happiness!”


…Florian Just is definitely a singer to do full justice to this varied repertoire. He has a powerful, flexible voice and he is a master of nuance…
…Florian Just ist definitiv ein Sänger, der diesem vielfältigen Repertoire voll und ganz gerecht wird. Er hat eine kraftvolle, flexible Stimme und ist ein Meister der Nuancen…

Review|Rezension by Göran Forsling for MusicWeb International
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