CD Éternelle Dualité

NRC (Mischa Spel): …”Wonderful! In everything, this CD stands out by the care and love of the makers.
The thematic selection (love and war) is meaningful and up-to-date…
…Florian Just has an elegant baritone, perfectly suited to this repertoire.”

Nederlands Dagblad (Frans Tijssen): Baritone Florian Just’s album Éternelle Dualité is an exceptional release for several reasons. If only because of the beautiful 92-page booklet, which appears as a hardcover, in three languages ​​(English, German, French) and with a detailed description of the selected repertoire and the lyrics…

CD Monologe

Musicwebinternational: …The whole recital is a sprawling but at the same time homogenous concept that can be experienced both as a remarkable unit as well as something to dip into for individual songs. Florian Just is definitely a singer to do full justice to this varied repertoire. He has a powerful, flexible voice and he is a master of nuance. He is perceptive and sensitive to the lyrics – in other words an ideal song interpreter. Jan-Paul Grijpink accompanies excellently. The well-written liner-notes are very helpful for a full appreciation of the songs and the recording is good…

Xenakis Aïs (Teatro Colon)

La Nacion: Who has heard the Oresteia version made ​​in 2008 at the Teatro San Martín , knows that German baritone Florian Just is an ideal interpreter of Xenakis. It’s fascinating how his refined voice anticipates certain events and sections of the orchestra …

Beethoven FM: Highly violent passages alternate with elegiac type segments , which were very skilled interpreted by baritone Florian Just. We could not think of a more fitting end to an event that served to celebrate a composer of the stature of Xenakis.

Clarin: The shining timbre and vocal plasticity of Florian Just stressed the unfathomable nature of the subject of the work and the formidable combination of orchestra and percussion acted as poignant counterpoint between the lamenting cries of Just and the snorts of the orchestra.

Xenakis Oresteïa (Teatro San Martin)

Operadesdehoy: On baritone Florian Just fell much of the responsibility, which he managed with great variety and flexibility of his vocal abilities, in equal measure mastered between his head voice (falsetto) and chest register…

La Nacion: Florian Just performed a real miracle with his voice, multiplying into different characters…

Jacobs Room Bregenz Festival

Kronenzeitung: Florian Just singt berührend den Jacob im Verlies seiner Gedankenwelt…

Kleine Zeitung: Phänomenal, wie die vier englisch singenden Solisten Ruth Rosenfeld (Guide), Katharina von Bülow

(Mutter), Florian Just (Jacob) und Tom Sol (Großvater) auf der in alle Richtungen schwenk- und kippbaren Bühnenfläche agieren und die von Subotnick komponierten Nuancen menschlicher Stimme – vom Belcanto bis zu tierähnlichen Grunzlauten – ausloten.


Neue Musikzeitung: Die Sänger Ruth Rosenfeld, Katharina von Bülow, Florian Just und Tom Sol zeigten eine eindrucksvolle stimmliche Leistung…

Pelléas et Mélisande (Opera Transparant)

La Libre: As for the cast it is dominated by the German baritone Florian Just (fittingly named): Pelléas with a radiant, expressive voice, perfect pronunciation and good projection.

Classiqueinfo: There is in the German baritone Florian Just a manly and mysterious Pelleas , with a voice beautifully conducted which easily controls the pitfalls of a yet challenging range.

Feeks (Holland Opera)

Place de l’Opera: Florian Just is tot slot een overtuigende Baptista, de vader van Katharina en Bianca.

Het meisje met de zwafelstokjes (Holland Opera)

AD (Amersfoortse Courant): Beide rollen zijn voortreffelijk bezet. De Sneeuwman (Florian Just) is een zilverwit uitgedoste Prins Carneval met een jolig-stoute oogopslag en een uitstraling van: Ik ben d’r, alles komt goed.

Telegraaf: Florian Just is geknipt voor zijn rol en wandelt zelfverzekerd rol in glittergilet en lichte lange jas…

L’Isola disabitata (Grachtenfestival)

NRC: De zangers (Florian Just als Enrico) maken er een fonkelend juweel van. Eeuwig zonde dat het bij slechts tweee voorstellingen blijft.

L’Elisie d’Amore

Haarlems Dagblad: Bariton Florian Just, ten slotte, maakt als kwakzalver Dulcamara een prachtentree…

L’Orfeo (Holland Opera)

AD: Een mooie voorstelling op alle fronten, met opvallend soepel zingende solisten (Florian Just als Orfeo) en stijlvol barokorkest.